About Us

We follow an evidence-based integrative model for optimal health: We’ve spent the majority of our professional lives helping people just like you who believe in a holistic and healthy living approach without the hoo-hah of the health trends that lack the science to back up their exuberant claims.  Our dietitians work closely together to make sure you get the best and most well-rounded care possible.

We’ve lived and learned and deal with the same struggles you do to keep health a priority. We’re real people who have dealt with our own share of health problems and through trial, error, and loads of education & experience, we have learned what works and how to make healthy habits stick no matter how busy life gets.

We’re always going to be upfront and honest with you. We don’t make false promises. And we definitely don’t offer unproven and unsafe guarantees of “losing 10 pounds in a week” or insinuate your health goals can be achieved overnight. We will always be straight up with you about what works, and what doesn’t.

We’re all about creating simple, realistic, and sustainable healthy lifestyle habits. From coaching to our online programs,  we make sure our advice is practical and uncomplicated.

MOST OF ALL, We offer an experience that’s designed to help you get where you want to go whether you’re attempting to lead a healthy lifestyle for the first time or you’re looking to (once, and for all) ditch the yo-yo dieting cycle and create a healthy lifestyle that lasts.